Marzipan Easter eggs

Marzipan Easter eggs

Happy Easter folks!!!

Festivals really are the perfect excuses to indulge your sweet tooth.
So when my cousin wanted to try making marzipan easter eggs , I was all aboard. And what a fun time we had of it. We had never tried making marzipan, and were the slightest bit skeptical as to how it would turn out. But armed with recipes from two dear friends we set to work.

I started off by knocking over a bottle of yellow food color. I usually have a good laugh over all sorts of falling and spilling and dropping. This I couldn’t enjoy though. Haven’t you noticed, you dont see the funny side when you have to clean up the mess yourself! And now that I’ve put it into words, I don’t think I can find the way to Neverland anymore!

After consecrating the kitchen with yellow food colouring, there were no more mishaps. The marzipan came out like a dream and we had the jolliest time making flowers and hearts and bows out of it (Also fun was eating the not-so-pretty flowers). Maybe I still am a kid at heart, and Neverland is not yet lost 🙂

Take a look at the marzipan flowers though –

Marzipan Easter eggs

Marzipan Easter eggs

So let’s imagine that the Easter bunny is just a hop away, with Easter eggs and candy and chocolate!

Here’s the recipe.

Marzipan Easter eggs

yields 6-7 chicken sized half eggs with leftover marzipan for decoration


250 grams Cashew nuts
1 egg white
200 grams regular sugar
Easter egg moulds (I used a plastic tray like mould with half-egg shaped depressions)
1 tsp vanilla (Because it just makes everything better)
Liquid food colour

1. Separate out the white of an egg and beat it well.
2. Powder sugar and cashew nuts finely and keep aside.
3. Add the sugar , egg-white and vanilla in a thick bottomed vessel and simmer till the sugar is completely melted.
4. Add small portions of powdered cashew and fold it into the sugar. Stir continuously and make sure the cashew doesnt stick to the bottom of the pan. Fold in cashew till the mixture gains a doughy consistency.
5. Allow it to cool for 5 minutes, separate into smaller bowls and add colour. Knead lightly to evenly spread the colour.
6. Firmly press the coloured marzipan into the egg mould. The marzipan will harden in an hour.
7. Now for the fun bit – With the leftover marzipan, mould flowers, hearts, stars and whetever else your heart fancies. Remove the eggs out of the mould and decorate them.


One thought on “Marzipan Easter eggs

  1. Gorgeous eggs and amazing decor. Your work speaks about passion about cooking. Keep spreading the joy and happiness with your great work 🙂


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