Sketch-A-Day Challenge!

One day in school, I flunked drawing.
We were made to draw  “A rooster fight”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen roosters fight. Actually I haven’t seen too many roosters either. We were given a picture to copy from too, but I didn’t do a good job out of it. Result: A fail grade.

Over the years I realised that I am a fairly good artist if I get to choose my subject and medium. I like drawing pretty stuff- cats, animals and nature mostly. I absolutely can’t draw from memory, or from real life objects. I just copy pictures.

Sketch-a-day is an attempt to challenge that. I plan to sketch real life. I plan to sketch something different each day – a shoe, a flower, a bag, a chair, probably some cats (if they sit still enough). I plan to doodle. I plan to let myself go. And I plan to do this for a 100 days.

Wish me luck!

PS: At the moment, there are too many things on my plate. I’ll probably begin in a couple of days.. or months.. Hopefully in time for my birthday (which is the 3rd of December). Till then pip pip!


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