A starry night…

A few days ago, I wrote this little poem. In a very long time, this has been my first attempt at poetry. Hope to keep the pen going and the mind churning!

A starry night!

Inky black darkness enveloped the cottage rustic,
Flickering candles inside cast a glow mystic.
His hands cupped her cheeks and caressed her hair,
‘Let’s find us some stars’, he said, ‘my lady fair’

Hand in hand, they stepped out onto the eyrie high,
Her eager upturned face looked at the night sky.
‘Oh but it’s overcast’, she was utterly disappointed,
‘Couldn’t the clouds part, if only for a bit’, she said.

Back in the city, we see not a single winking star,
Instead all we have is the harsh neon of the bazaar.
The hazy crescent moon with black smog is cursed,
Is it too much to ask for a glimpse of star burst?

He drew her close and on her lips placed a finger,
With a soft kiss, ‘Shhh’, whispered in her ear.
Listen to the crescendo of chirping crickets, he said,
Drawing her gaze to the trees, far away he pointed.

Pop came a miniscule light, and another and another,
Her dark eyes sparkled with childlike wonder.
And soon the dark trees with fairylights were decked,
Tis fireflies, tis fireflies, her hushed voice declared.

Stars of the soil, stars of the earth,
What magical alchemy to you gave birth?


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