Kitties wreck my Saturday!

Day 2 with the kitties:

I had ambitious plans for Saturday. I meant to exercise, write, and make besan laddoos (sweets for Diwali).
I hadn’t of course reckoned with them kitties.

I woke up fairly early and was pleased with myself. I fed the furbabies and had a quick breakfast myself. I had the nebulous idea of going for a walk, but before I could process the thought any further, I noticed that one kitten was missing.

I panicked.

Did he slip out while I put the garbage out? Did he get locked in the cupboard? Did he open the window and go out ? You would perhaps point out, that not having opposable thumbs, a cat, not to mention an uncoordinated kitten, would not be able to open a window. I beg to differ. I once had a cat Keeki,  who could open the fridge, get out a Tupperware container of frozen fish and pry it open. How he did that we never knew.
We are lucky the cat-folk don’t have opposable thumbs. If they did, they’d probably be ruling us!
Anyway, after some frantic searching, I found him snuggled under the blanket ( looking like an angel he most certainly isn’t) . I was so relieved and kitty looked so cozy, I climbed into bed beside him. The other kitty joined. What can be better than two purr machines? Two purr machines and a book. I started on Daphne du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn and that brought an end to my ambitious plans.
For the record, I blame the kitties.


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