A conversation with the Mystery Man.

Me : The besan laddoo batter looks like melted chocolate.

Mystery Man: Is that bad? what’s it supposed to look like?

Me : Light brown. Or an ochre yellow almost. You know.. The color of a besan ladoo. I think I over-fried the flour.

Me : I’m so disappointed. The laddoos are ruined. I’m in the slough of despond. And it’s Diwali. And I haven’t made any sweets. And it’s Diwali.

Mystery Man : Aww. Doesn’t matter. I’ll get you some laddoos from the sweet shop, okay?

Me : Oh no don’t. I don’t like laddoos much.

Mystery Man : And you were making them because?

Me : …….

Me : feels silly

Me : * gives up the laddoos and feels sorted *
MM is good at sorting me out. Touchwood. 🐱


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