More Conversations!


Me: (In black exercise gear – just back from a jog walk – very pleased with myself at having actually walked)

MysteryMan: What’s happened to your t-shirt? ∗peers at said t-shirt∗

MysteryMan: It’s cat hair, isn’t it? You’ve got a ton of cat hair on you.

Me: Oh I met a cat at the park. She’s a real cutie. ∗tries to brush-off cat hair but isn’t able to∗

MysteryMan: How? How did that happen? Did you roll over the cat? Do you know how unhygienic it could be? It’s a dirty outdoor cat, for god’s sake. For all you know, it probably carries a million diseases. ∗rants on∗

Me: ∗tries for an angelic smile, probably fails∗

Me: She rubbed against me. She’s this super-soft tortoiseshell cat. I’ll call her Tortie, shall I?

Mystery Man: …….

Me: An interesting bit of trivia for you. All tortoiseshell cats are female. Did you know that?

Mystery Man: ∗exasperatedly washes his hands off situation∗

Me: ∗emerges as the triumphant victor∗


4 thoughts on “More Conversations!

  1. I’ve had to start dividing my wardrobe according to “items I don’t mind cat fur on” (most things) and “stop looking cute, I can’t let you sit on me as I wear this” (work clothes). I thought about getting a lint roller, but I figured it’s a lost cause, haha.


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