The procrastinating brain

Today readers dear, I ran out of excuses. I woke up early (ish) and due to my excuseslessness, was compelled to go for a walk.

Here’s a list of my anti-excuses:
1. It was not too hot
2. It was not too cold ( Never is in Mumbai, really)
3. I didn’t have a headache or a cold or feverishness or any other imaginary ailments
4. The cats have moved to a new foster. Hence nobody to cuddle with.
5. This last one was the deciding factor, the lynchpin and the cornerstone of my sudden transformation into a morning- walker. I am on the last leg of my big writing project. Every hour that I’m at home, I am supposed to write. Lately I’ve developed something of a writer’s block for the project. To get out of writing, I’m even willing to walk!

And so, it was a case of choosing the least evil. I hauled myself out of bed, dressed, and stepped out of the house (no, not with a spring in my step, but that doesn’t count).
I’m home now, and after walking 2 whole kms., I reckon i have earned a post-breakfast nap.

Pip pip then!
~Ms. Sass


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