Friday the 13th

The cats have gone to another foster and I’m officially catless. Not to mention all alone. Also it was Friday, the 13th (as my colleague v. unkindly reminded me earlier in the day)
After dinner, I embarked on a ‘Friends’ marathon. I figured, there’s nothing that beats fear better than a laugh.So there I was, having a jolly good time.
Enter cockroach.
And not just an ordinary cockroach (a demonic, possessed, bold-as-brass flying cockroach).
Now normally I’m not afraid of roaches or most other inhabitants of the insect world. I just don’t like them invading my house.
This one however, was uncannily bold. It leapt flew on to my tee shirt and scared the beejeesus out of me. ( Have you heard of a cockroach doing that? Do you agree that it was possessed?)
Just so you know, if I were a ghost, I would never possess a cockroach.Β  Ghost or not, there was no way I would allow it to wreak havoc in my house.
Armed with a broom , I pursued it. It wasn’t scared of me, or the broom. It mockingly twitched its long antennae at me (More proof of evil). I gave up on the broom. The next weapon in my armory was a plastic takeaway container. That did the trick. The demon was trapped by the awesome containing power of Cafe Lucky Dragon’s Chinese mojo.
Note to self: Stock up on Chinese food containers. They come with mythical Chinese powers.


28 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. “Note to self: Stock up on Chinese food containers. They come with mythical Chinese powers.” – do they work on mosquitoes and flies. send me a truckload πŸ˜€


  2. You made me think of my sister…years ago she was visiting me in Tasmania. When she left to return home, her plane was delayed for a long time. We sat there in the lounge trying to a,use ourselves and each other. We both were fascinated by a very sophisticated-looking woman, clothes that fairly dripped money, and shoes way ahead of any fashion trend in Tasmania. The toes were extraordinarily long and pointed. My sister leaned over and whispered in my ear, “She could kill cockroaches in the corner in those.”
    Thanks for the memory. 😊


  3. That was great … I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I was reminded of a spider incident I had just the other day. I’m not that girl that has to call her husband all the time … I can deal with snakes, lizards, spiders, etc. This one, however, was huge … It could absolutely see me, and therefore was able to escape my shoes and slippers. It jumped … a lot … and strangely high, lol. It went under the couch, and I eventually gave up. I probably ate it in my sleep, lol πŸ˜‰

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      1. Sure. It hasnt changed yet Christina. You need to click on the small photograph of yourself on the top right of the window (right between the notification and new post icons) , then select ‘Account Settings’, and then change your Web address. That should do the trick.

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