MinMin and the deck-chair

That's him on the chair

The weekend was wonderful. (And a sharp contrast to Monday). More of that on another post maybe. For now I’m going to stick to the fun stuff.
So I went home to Pune for the weekend and had a lovely time with mum, dad and the mean cat (who is handsomer than ever by the way). Good food, long cosy chats, and a few funny mishaps.
Since we all love a good laugh, let me relate one of the mishaps.

We have a deck chair in the balcony, which really belongs to Minmin (aka the mean cat). You wouldn’t want to sit on his chair if you’re not dressed in dragon-hide. If you dare, well we leave you to the mean cat’s mercy. Sometimes however you might get lucky. He might just curl up on your lap and purr away to sleep. I, dear readers, pushed my luck too far. Minmin was curled upon the deck chair, looking like the angel he definitely isn’t. I stealthily picked him up, sat in the chair and placed him in my lap. Yes, I had hoped to get away with it. Minmin woke up, gave me a dirty look, leapt off me (taking care to dig his claws into my legs as a goodbye), and stalked away.
I continued to sit in the deck chair, albeit slightly disconcerted by his look. Sadly I couldn’t enjoy the chair for more than five minutes, because its fabric gave way with an almighty screech and I fell through with my butt on the floor and my arms and legs flailing.

Dad will probably repair the chair with some new fabric. But whether they do or not, I for one am never sitting on the chair again.

PS: In the evening, Minmin inspected the chair and meowed morosely. So it’s probably all hands to work, and the chair should be as good as new by tomorrow!

~Ms. Sassy


14 thoughts on “MinMin and the deck-chair

  1. One of my most embarrassing moments in life had to do when I was about 16, I had a girlfriend at the time so I wasn’t really keeping my body in tip top condition. I was at a fair and was sitting with my family in one of the fairs make shift dining areas. I moved my chair back slightly causing one of the plastic legs to bend slightly underneath, but that was all it took. One quick snap and I fell backwards and rolled like a rollie pollie and quickly got back on my feet. Everyone was staring at me, some were laughing, and I just looked at my family and was like “We gotta go!”

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  2. Reblogged this on Sass and Sauce and commented:

    There is bad news. My cat Minmin has gone to kitty heaven. And writing this sentence has been one of the most difficult things ever. I wanted to write a eulogy of sorts for the best and handsome-st cat in the world, but I’m not ready yet. I cannot really talk about him. In his memory, I am reblogging an old post about him. If there is a kitty heaven, I am sure he’s frolicking about happily with all the animals I’ve lost before. And I hope I get to go to kitty heaven too someday.


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