Call my bluff

A few days ago, Wanderlushed nominated me for an award and asked me an interesting question – To list out two truths and one lie, and have my readers guess which was which.

These were my truths/lies:

  1. I was once bitten by a monkey
  2. I am afraid of butterflies
  3. I fluently speak 4 languages.

I had two replies from my readers ( I dearly wish more had played my guessing game). Both thought “I was bitten by a monkey” was a lie.

And they are right. I was so disappointed at having been so predictable. Whereas in real life I pride myself on being a good liar – you know the white lies we often take shelter under, to get out of awkward situations.

Anyway here’s a deeper dive into my truths and lies:

  • I was never bitten by a monkey – But a close friend of mine has been bitten by one. My mum has had a huge monkey jump on to her, kinda like a child hugging its mother. She screamed and the shocked monkey fled. Regrettably, I have never had monkey-related incidents.
  • I am afraid of butterflies – Yes I am. I dont mind any other creepy-crawlies. Lizards, cockroaches, beetles, snakes – bring em on. Most people find it funny/unbelievable/stupid. It is so bad that I often don’t utter the word b——-. Look at this conversation I had the other day,

Me: <anxious for some reason I cannot recall> I’ve got that weird feeling. You know how you have that thing in your stomach.

Mystery Man: You mean butterflies?


MysteryMan: Oops. They-who-must-not-be-named then?


Also, I found that a fellow blogger Sandra is also afraid of b——-. It’s so rare a fear, that I love it when I find somebody else who has it. Now I know two people who have the fear. Three, if I count Nicole Kidman.

  • I speak four languages – True and not a bit interesting.

So there’s the truth. The cat’s out of the bag.

~ Ms. Sassy


23 thoughts on “Call my bluff

  1. A friend of mine whilst at university was afraid of those metamorphic caterpillars too! So much so, that she wouldn’t wear or be near anyone wearing clothing that showed them either. Phobias are fascinating. I’m terrified of belly buttons so don’t worry about feeling weird!
    Which languages do you speak?

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    1. Wow I love the name. Metamorphic caterpillars aren’t scary at all. I do that too btw. Glad to hear there are others. But wow belly-buttons. How about your own though? I speak Konkani (since it’s my Dad’s language), Marathi (mum’s mothertongue), Hindi (Indian national language) and English. I also read/write/understand Kannada, and some of Spanish πŸ™‚

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      1. I have to psych myself up to consciously look at it, but more than a minute or two and I begin to feel sick and start squirming. As for touching it, (actually putting fingers in it let’s say), it’s not a good plan unless you want incessant screams or an involuntary kick in the face!
        I think learning languages is so valuable – I’m ashamed to say I’ve only heard of Hindi, Spanish and of course, English though, so now I’ve learned something new. Thanks!


      2. You do have an interesting fear πŸ™‚ I don’t particularly like belly-buttons either. Hahaa. I’m sure India has too many languages, even for us Indians to know about. So perfectly okay πŸ™‚

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  2. I am afraid of quite a few creatures. And when I start thinking about it, I wonder what is wrong with me!

    I have a problem with nearly all insects… and spiders. And bats and most things that fly (maybe all). Flying creatures and swimming creatures freak me out.

    I had to go into a b-fly tent at a zoo with my kids one time and I thought I might have a heart attack!

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  3. I am terrified of moths and a little less so of butterflies so the photograph creeped me out. I can handle snakes, bears or whatever other mammal you throw at me but not fluttery things. Not keen on cicada type insects either. Can speak 4 languages badly – bad French, not so bad Spanish, a tiny bit of Arabic and relative okay English.


    1. I deleted that photograph. I opened my blog on the browser to see what the hoopla was about.almost dropped my phone lol. Wow you speak Arabic! It’s such a mellifluous language. Relative okay English? Really? Then a lot of us shouldn’t even claim to speak English!

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      1. I now speak schwai arabie, pequito, un peu etc etc. It’s my Scottish accent that makes people say “Speak English”. In turn I want to poke them in the eyes and give them a lesson on who spoke English first. πŸ™‚

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  4. found you from the geek couple…cool blog here!
    but get this: I was bitten by a monkey once. in India.
    To each his own I say, but I have to disagree about the mellifluosity(?) of Arabic, though. I find it interesting, but harsh on the ear, so many gutteral sounds from deep in the throat. French…now that’s mellifluous to my ear. Glad I found you! I’ll be back…


    1. Thanks just followed your blog too! 50 countries, wow. I’m inspired. Haha monkeys seem to be pretty notorious biters! Well actually I was thinking of Urdu. Realised that arabic and Urdu aren’t the same. Haha.. thanks for the follow 🐱


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