Spring cleaning

When the poor brain feels like it’s filled choc-a-bloc with thoughts and to-do’s and cobwebs and dust-bunnies, it’s time for some spring cleaning (or in my case winter cleaning). How I wish I had a pensieve like Dumbledore or at least an archival mechanism like MS Outlook.

Not being a witch or an email program, all I can do to organize the brain is to make a list. (Yay, my favourite)

So here’s a to-do list for theย  week monthย  (Well let’s be realistic, as mentioned above, I’m no Hermione)

  1. Blog stuff – Do the 3 day quote challenge
  2. Blog stuff – Do the epic awesomeness challenge
  3. Begin to follow The Magic – It’s a gratitude project thingy by Rhonda byrne
  4. Bake a Christmas fruit cake
  5. Bake cashewnut cookies for Christmas
  6. Book tickets to go home
  7. Enquire about Yoga classes and dance classes , choose one, and enroll already!
  8. That’s all I need to do?
  9. I’m sure I’m forgetting something
  10. ย Aha! Research and find good hotels for my vacay in Rajasthan
  11. Double aha! Shop, for clothes and a gift for friend’s big fat Rajasthani wedding.
  12. (And now for something I’ve already accomplished, so I can tick it off my list) Write a blog post! – *Imaginary humongous check mark in glittery gold pen*

Toodle-O then, while I begin to work on my list!

~Ms. Sassy.


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