Spring cleaning Part II

On the Saturday morning, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I was all geared up to tick stuff off my To-Do list.

I started off with the gratitude project from Rhonda Byrne’s Magic. Which was nice. Allows you to lounge in bed for an extra fifteen minutes and read. So far so good.

Next I had a bit of shopping to do. Vegetables, fruits, butter, sugar and some other stuff. So hey-ho for another list. Neatly wrote it on a piece of paper, with a pink ball-pen, no less. Predictably forgot said list at home (I always do, and never learn better). Anyway I was left to the mercy of the sieve-like brain. Consequently I forgot a few minor thingies. Another setback was that the dairy had run out of butter, so gone was my prospect of baking.

On the way back from my grocery shopping, I stopped at a dance studio to enquire. Unfortunately, the course I wanted to join begins in January. The Yoga studio was shut. By the time the dance course begins or the Yoga class reopens, I am pretty sure my enthusiasm would be long exhausted. Sigh Story of my life.

Sunday: Once again I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I bought a bit of butter before they could run out, and baked a nice batch of cookies. The Mystery Man had been given one job – to get me a bottle of rum for the cake. He forgot. So the raisins were not soaked, the cake was not baked. (He did get the rum in the evening and redeemed himself by looking all handsome and adorable. So the raisins are soaking away this minute).

Sugary snowball cookies! This is a batch I had baked last year. This year, I was too lazy to take a picture. The bright-eyedness and the bushy-tailedness forsook me at that point.

Final roundup: 2 and a half checks on the list. 5 and a half to go! Wish me luck πŸ™‚

Tinkerty tonk!

~Ms. Sassy


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