Resolutions – 2016

Last year I made 11 new year resolutions. Clearly I had a lot to improve upon. At the end of the year, I notice that I have accomplished (and I use the term pretty loosely) just two. The success rate is a meagre 18% (if i did the math right. I have long since forgotten school math, and have degenerated into the type who wouldn’t know a numerator from a denominator, if it danced in front of them naked.)

This is not encouraging. So this year I am going to be smart. I will have 1 single resolution. Make it easy to calculate my success rate.Β  High stakes here y’all. All or none. 100% or 0%. Do you think I’ll make it through the year? Let me tell you what the resolution is to be.

New Year Resolution – 2016:

Wear moisturizer every morning and before going to bed.

Why moisturizer you ask?Β  I could make better resolutions, you say? Yes I could. I could resolve to exercise, walk, learn a language, get organized. There’s so much that I could do, but I won’t, because I’ll likely break them on day 1. Tell me please, how does one exercise or even wake up hangover-less on the 1st of Jan?

Perhaps my resolution looks like easy enough, but let me tell you it isn’t. The evidence is the umpteen bottles, pots and tubs of moisturizer I have collected over the year. I have Bodyshop’s strawberry body butter, Jergen’s cherry-almond moisturizer, a heavenly smelling pink grapefruit moisturizer, and a mandarin moisturizer. A veritable fruit basket I seem to own. All sitting in pristine, once-used condition. And I haven’t even counted the little pots of free samples, hotel toiletries and stuff. This year I plan to finish them all. My dressing table will, for once, be moisturizer-free, and then I’ll invest in the hugest pot of vanilla sugar body butter I can find. πŸ™‚


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