I’m a Sassy Bride

This post is about my gradual transformation from a regular OCD-ish girl to a Bridezilla. So the last year came to an end and the new year began. I never got to write my peppy ‘woohoo-it’s-the-new-year’ article, or my ‘wow-what-a-great-year-2015-was’ article either. It’s too late now though and I hope the blogosphere noticed (and hopefully missed) my absence.

Anyway, the biggest highlight of 2015 was that I got engagedand ever since, I haven’t even had time enough to say Hoorray. (I exaggerate of course, but seriously, life has turned into a rollercoaster ride, and I’ve turned into Bridezilla, holding on to dear life). My engagement party is to be in March and the wedding is to be in Jan’2017. Already Mom and Dad are tired of me and I have gotten into a million arguments with the Mystery Man (who is no longer a Mystery by the way, and I am gonna have to think up a better name for him one of these days).

So how much do I love him, let me count the ways:

  1. I have a folder full of excel sheets on my laptop – Engagement Guest List, Wedding Guest list, Diet Plan, To-Do list, Learn to Cook the following list, Exercise Plan, Shopping List, Ideas list. Sigh, there are more. Many more. (All colour coded, pivot chart-ed, and hlookup-ed).
  2. I have invested in a book – “Chicken Soup for the Bride’s soul”. It’s to keep me upbeat and help me de-stress when I’m bogged down with planning and excel sheets.
  3. I have sacrificed weekends. Instead of lounging at home with a book, I have gone on shopping expeditions. (And wedding shopping is not exactly fun, let me tell you. At least not in the Indian context. There are a million items of attire to buy, saris, lehengas, jewellery,footwear. And a million opinions to be heeded. It doesn’t help that I have a very particular taste either).
  4. I have bullied and micromanaged. And micromanaged and bullied. So much so that I doubt my parents and friends are even attending the wedding.
  5. In the midst of all this, I am planning a nice getaway for the two of us. I do so need it.
  6. Almost forgot, I’m taking dance classes. I am quite uncoordinated and yet I’ve signed up for ‘contemporary’ dance. I could have gone for bollywood style or jazz, which they say is easier, but nooooo, I had to choose contemporary. But let’s not lose hope, we still have a year to go!

So long then, the excel sheets are calling to me!


~Ms. Sassy


12 thoughts on “I’m a Sassy Bride

  1. ok. I have totally missed you and wondered where you’ve been. 🙂
    And weddings. I understand. The thing is, if you don’t spend a ton of time in the planning then people tend to judge the underwhelming results of the wedding, if you do spend a ton of time and energy planning, you’re considered a bridezilla. You can’t win, girl! I’m just saying, do you!! A wedding only happens once! And he asked you knowing of the OCDness. In fact, it’s probably one of the things about you he finds endearing. 🙂 🙂
    Wait. I totally want to see engagement photos!! Weird but true. Profiles??? God bless you, girlfriend.


    1. This is so sweeet Cheeky! You made my day 🙂 I am gonna update you guys regular now on! Don’t get bored 😛
      Well he’s OCDish too, so he shouldn’t complain! Teehee. You’re so sweet to want to see the photos. The engagement is to be in March’16. So far he’s just given me the ring, (and I’m considering myself engaged). Thanks so much for your kind words and wishes!


  2. I’m so glad to see a post from you! I get a little sad when someone disappears… and I wonder where they’ve gone. Happy to see you back.

    Good luck with all the wedding planning. I was very laid back with mine… and it was somewhat small, just as we wanted. Of course, we were also in the process of buying a house at the same time so that was kind of the stressful part! 🙂

    Enjoy yourself with the wedding and the getaway!

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      1. I was living an hour away from where my wedding took place. My sister and mom were closer and they did lots of things for me. But, like I said, I was laid back about it so I didn’t mind not being there for some of the decisions… I said yes or no blindly over the phone! Many brides would not be okay with that!

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      2. wow you were laid back! I wish I could be that way. I am in a different city from the engagement venue, and I’ve made my mom send me pictures of banquet halls. Pictures of the carpet, the chandeliers, the wallpaper, the doors. It’s a wonder they didn’t disown me lol 🙂

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      3. Hahaha! My sister knew a lot of people in the area through her job… lots of connections! She got a fancy restaurant to open just for my wedding reception (on a day they’re normally closed). And my mom is amazing with flowers, so I left that to her. I just wanted a beautiful dress and a delicious cake. And a cool deejay. 🙂

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