Ginger boy

I’m the kind of person who says “Hey there” to all cats (much to the embarrassment of the MysteryMan, but he’s got to live with it). So as usual when I saw this adorable ginger stray kitty in my building complex, I stopped and said Hi to him. He was supremely aloof, disdainful even. Well it’s not easy to earn a cat’s friendship.

One day I saw that he had a scary injury on his ribs. It was almost a hole really. (Don’t worry this is a happy story). It was then that I started leaving out food for him. He was too scared to venture closer to me, and I could do nothing about his wound. Luckily he healed like magic (all by himself) and he grew to trust me. One time, he had a bad bout of cat flu. He turned up looking like a scarecrow of a cat, and coughing all the time. He didn’t even want to eat. I got him home and got a vet to see him. One shot and the flu cleared up like magic. Ever since he began to follow me around. The High-and-mighty cat had turned stalker!

So now, the moment I put a single foot out of the house, I see a whiz of ginger run towards the gate. (I think he keeps tabs on me). He then follows me to my bike, hops on to the seat and demands food.


I think I have a better chance of passing Gandalf! So yes, I cannot pass until I feed him. No matter if I get late to work. No matter if I’ve skipped my own breakfast. Ginger boy must be fed and petted!

PS: Now that he has adopted me, I call him Ronnie.



6 thoughts on “Ginger boy

  1. Having done this to 6 cats and counting (rescued them) – it won’t be long until he is in the house, sleeping on your bed, costing you a fortune at the vet and you wonder why? πŸ™‚ Well done for being a true cat lover. Our three geriatrics were all on the bed yesterday leaving very little room for mum and dad…

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