Eulogy to the best cat in the world

There is bad news. My cat Minmin has gone to kitty heaven. And writing this sentence has been one of the most difficult things ever. I wanted to write a eulogy of sorts for the best and handsome-st cat in the world, but I’m not ready yet. I cannot really talk about him. In his memory, I am reblogging an old post about him. If there is a kitty heaven, I am sure he’s frolicking about happily with all the animals I’ve lost before. And I hope I get to go to kitty heaven too someday.

Sass and Sauce


The weekend was wonderful. (And a sharp contrast to Monday). More of that on another post maybe. For now I’m going to stick to the fun stuff.
So I went home to Pune for the weekend and had a lovely time with mum, dad and the mean cat (who is handsomer than ever by the way). Good food, long cosy chats, and a few funny mishaps.
Since we all love a good laugh, let me relate one of the mishaps.

We have a deck chair in the balcony, which really belongs to Minmin (aka the mean cat). You wouldn’t want to sit on his chair if you’re not dressed in dragon-hide. If you dare, well we leave you to the mean cat’s mercy. Sometimes however you might get lucky. He might just curl up on your lap and purr away to sleep. I, dear readers, pushed my luck too far…

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17 thoughts on “Eulogy to the best cat in the world

      1. That’s a nice idea. We have large photos of both our cats on the wall. We also had them cremated – I couldn’t bare the thought of them being ‘disposed of’ by the vet and we have a very good pet cemetery / crematorium in the area. So we have a little plaque and memory box for each of them. I know it’s not for everyone and people may think it’s a little over the top but they really do become part of your family 🙂


      2. I can completely understand you.. we feel like holding on to something bit of them.. I have a tuft of fur from a previous cat. I found it on my clothes a couple of days after he passed and treasured it.. for Minmin, we are having a tree planted to mark the spot he’s resting at.

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    1. You made me smile 🙂 Thanks! I kinda imagine that he’s with me too. Like I see something in my peripheral vision, or I meet a similar looking cat on the road and think he’s sending me a message. (So I’m probably mad too? )

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