A penny for your thoughts!

So I am getting back to my blog, because writing is almost therapy, right? Plus I’m gonna focus ONLY on the happy stuff. Today I have a question for my readers. You have met the MysteryMan in my blog often. You know that he is my boyfriend, and has recently been promoted to fiance. As such he isn’t a ‘mystery’ anymore. My family and my extended family and their dog knows him. I am thus in need of a new name for him. A new sobriquet really.

So Reader dear, your question is – What should we call my MysteryMan? Gimme a name. Put on your thinking caps!

To help, here are some facts about him:

  1. He doesn’t quite like animals, but he has grown to like cats. He keeps taking pictures of random street cats for me 🙂
  2. He has a dog Rocky – a ferocious, yet absolutely adorable Miniature pinscher.
  3. He likes good food and partying.
  4. He is super handsome.
  5. He is finicky, he is a micromanager, and has very particular tastes! (Just like me)
  6. He is an engineer and does awesome engineer type stuff for a living. (So proud)
  7. He is super handsome (I know I said it before, but there it is)
  8. He doesn’t read books 😦 😦 😦 . Instead he reads the newspaper. (I don’t read the newspaper – I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life)
  9. He is very critical.  – This annoys me very very much.
  10. His name begins with an S.
  11. He is always well-dressed,and well spoken. I admire his savoir-faire.
  12. He loves me to bits.

All right then reader dear, a penny for your thoughts!

~ Ms. Sassy


5 thoughts on “A penny for your thoughts!

  1. As a serious answer, I refer to my fiancé in my blog as Dear Betrothed, or Dear Better Half, or Dear Fiancé, or Dear Other Half. I rotate them constantly and try to think other “Dear —” names.

    As a funnier answer (since my fi is an engineer as well), I like the sound of just “The Engineer.”


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