Do not fight over soup!

This is a Valentine day post. Moreover this is not a happy, confetti and flower-filled post. I rather think I should turn this into a “What-not-to-do-on-Valentine’s” post. Here’s the stuff you mustn’t do. Straight from the sassy horse’s mouth.

  1. Do not fight over soup – Valentine’s day lunch date and we fought over which soup to order. He wanted a beef broth, I wanted roasted bell pepper and tomato. As a compromise I suggested porcini mushroom. He assented. I was about to tell our waiter when I realised that MysteryMan is allergic to mushroom. The caring and concerned girlfriend that I am, I reminded him. MysteryMan was at the end of his tether and said – “Just order already.This is irritating”. (In a mean mean tone). My response: Sulk, sulk and more sulk.

    The soup of contention – Yes I made a wobbly heart in it – out of pesto sauce 😛
  2. Do not sulk for too long – Maybe just long enough for your significant other to figure out something’s wrong.
  3. Do not trust Google maps – Atleast not when the Indian Prime Minister is in town and half the roads are barricaded. Also – this is for the men – Ask for directions. We He trusted the GPS and we navigated our way through angry honks and angrier traffic cops, for at least twenty odd minutes, only to find that we were back where we started.
  4. Do not forget to account for ‘baking time’ when baking cupcakes (especially if they are a V’day treat) – I figured an hour would be enough to assemble and ice the cupcakes. I forgot the 30 mins of baking time. I also forgot that Harry Potter has gone and smashed all the time turners in the 5th book or I could’ve applied for one. Anyway the cupcakes were not ready.
  5. Do not fight over movies – He wanted to watch Deadpool, I wanted to watch Asterix. There were ugly words. We ended up watching Deadpool because the theatre where it was running was closer. I haven’t seen a movie that sucked more. Was it just me? Did anybody else hate it too?

Maybe we should spend the day over again. Have our very own, personal Valentine’s. Or maybe we turn each day into a happy V day. I’ll run it by the MysteryMan.

PS: Still looking for a new nickname for the MysteryMan. When I asked him for ideas he said he wants to be “Guy-who’s-tired-of-answering-the-question-‘do-you-love-me?’“.

PPS: And he says I’m sarcastic! 😛

~Ms. Sassy.


7 thoughts on “Do not fight over soup!

  1. Oh no! I think there’s too much pressure put on Valentine’s Day anyway, anything less than perfect can seem a let down. I hope you can have a better re-run at celebrating. I have to say, we also watched Deadpool on Sunday and I loved it. It may not be your taste in movies in general, or maybe, if you’re like me, you’d just got to a point where the bad mood is impossible to get out of, regardless! I can be such a sulker!!

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