A bridal splurge

I am a bride! If that’s not an excuse to splurge, I don’t know what is! (On a side-note, when does one become a bride? After getting engaged, after the engagement party, after the ‘Save the dates’ have been sent, a couple of weeks before the wedding? When??). Assuming that it’s after saying YES, I am a bride. And I exercise my fundamental right to splurge.

This is what I just purchased.

My bridal planner

A bridal planner – A tad bit unnecessary, as I already have evernote on my phone, and a gazillion notepads at home. (I luuurve stationery). Anyway this one was vintage and pink and pretty. So I thought – What the hell? I’m a bride! I need a bridal planner.

And the cherry on the cake – It has a “Why do I love him?” column on every page which is super fun to write.

Another cherry on the cake – It makes for a cool fashion accessory.

Ms. Sassy


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