One-Liner Wednesday – Soulsisters!

Let me introduce you Reader Dear, to one of my besties – HollyPixie. Her name is inspired by the Pottermore website! Some time ago we nicknamed each other, and chose our favourite Pottermore-based names. She chose HollyPixie and I forgot what I chose.

Anyway here’s something sweet she once said to me. We were talking about meeting the Right Guy and how we’d like him to be. And she says,

“The way I feel around you, is how I want to feel with my husband. (With the added element of romance though)”. Sweet wasn’t it?

Head over to Linda’s to participate in her One-Liner Wednesday challenge!


Ms. Sassy




9 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – Soulsisters!

      1. Would love to! In the earlier pottermore website you could navigate to each chapter of each book. For eg. The chapter on sorting (in the first book), showed a line of first years and Mc gonagall and was set at the great hall in Hogwarts.Like an animation. You could read the gist of the chapter and also play little games. But I juts realised that the old pottermore has been revamped. The new website has lots of stuff to read. New writing by Rowling! Plus you can get sorted and stuff. Do visit 🙂


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