An update of the week!

And so I’m back in Bombay after a wonderful week-long trip! So much to write about, so much to tell! But first, here’s a quick update –

Me and the fiance attended one of my closest friend’s wedding in Jaipur. A full blown Marwadi wedding with loads of good food! Would you believe it they have a selection of desserts for breakfast too.

Next we explored the city of Jaipur. The palaces, forts, the peacocks (yes the city almost has a peacock pest problem!). Wow.

And the cherry on the cake was our 2-day getaway to Ranthambore national park. I intend to write about it in detail.. when the mood strikes! In fact I have a lot of posts planned in my head ( The Fiance and me really put our heads together for topics.)

PS: Just 12 days to go for my engagement party. Lots to do!

PPS: I’m liking the idea of writing a weekly update. Kind, sorta like a diary. Highlights of the week. You know what I mean?

Love, Ms. Sassy.




4 thoughts on “An update of the week!

  1. Sounds like a fun time. Can’t wait to hear about Ranthambore national park. My daughter (the one who rides) would have loved the peacocks. She has a thing about them. Say, did you ever settle on a nickname for Mr. Fiance’? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Oooh she should definitely visit Jaipur and Ranthambore then. Haha.. I kinda gave up and started calling him Sid. (That’s short for his real name, so feels comfortable and right to me!) I don’t know how most bloggers come up with such pretty creative names!

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