Contact Lenses? – Bring them on!

A couple of weeks ago I spent a harrowing hour at the opthalmologist. Read about it here if you haven’t yet. Long story short, I suck at putting lenses in my eyes. I should be in the Guiness book or something for having the world’s most sensitive, easy-to-freak eyes. But here’s the good news – I’ve finally mastered the lenses. Kinda. Sorta. And it’s all thanks to Sid. πŸ™‚ (If anyone’s been following Sid aka Mystery Man is my fiancΓ©.)

We had been to Jaipur this week, to attend a friend’s ‘big fat Rajasthani wedding’. I had taken my set of lenses along, and the poor dear patiently taught me how to put them in. Basically you take the lens out of its container, open your eye wide, balance the lens on the tip of your finger, plop it in the eye. And voila it’s done. Except that it’s not so easy.

There I was sitting in front of the dressing table, my eyes bloodshot, hands dripping with contact lens solution when Sid stepped up and took things into his own capable hands. My darling bwoy taught me a nice trick, which is that you look at the tip of your nose while you put the lens in. That way, you don’t blink. Then you shut your eyes and somehow (magically, it seems to me), the lens aligns itself onto your eyeball. His soothing voice gave me new heart and I gave it my best shot. (Okay a couple of shots really. The damn lens just wouldn’t stick onto my eye the first few times.) Finally I accomplished the impossible, the lenses were in! My eyes were burning from the solution and the novelty of having the lenses in, but he was with me through the ordeal and all was well πŸ™‚

So we went to the Sangeet party (a musical pre-wedding celebration), followed by cocktails in the groom’s room and then it was time to head back to our room (and time to take the lenses out). Once again, Sid stepped up to the occassion. He took such good care of me that my heart very nearly melted. (The lenses however, didn’t melt. Why can’t they invent self-melting lenses? If there’s an optician reading my blog , you know what to do). Anyway, we spent almost three quarters of an hour with the demon lenses. He – demonstrating, directing, cajoling, coaxing, kissing and pampering, and me – cringing, pretend-crying, and whimpering. Finally we got the lenses out. I closed my eyes in relief. He hugged me and held me tight and all was well again πŸ™‚

After many such repetitions, I have got there Reader Dear. Yesterday I put them in, and took them out all by myself. So YAY for me and double YAY for Sid for being so patient, supportive and sweet! Touchwood!

PS: As a treat I intend to buy myself this really cute ladybug-shaped contact lens case πŸ™‚

PPS: I guess Sid deserves a treat even more. So Reader dear, put on your thinking cap and tell Ms Sassy what she could for him.


Ms Sassy πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Contact Lenses? – Bring them on!

  1. I tried fashion lenses for a Halloween costume once…Nightmare! When I finally got them in, my eyes were so bloodshot I’m pretty sure it defeated the purpose and I had an anxiety attack at the prospect of getting them out. It amazes me that there are people who do this EVERY day!

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  3. Triple YAY to the both of you for being such a wonderful couple. You both have an amazing relationship. Touch Wood! Sid seems like an amazing guy! Is there a clone of his, I could snag for myself πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    God bless. Want more stories of the two of you.
    P.S. – Hope your lenses nightmares are over. The Daily Disposable ones are super-soft and easy to manage.

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