Love, Luck and Ring boxes

I have been looking for a ring box for my engagement party. I had my heart set on this antique heart-shaped box that has been on my dressing table since forever. I don’t know who it belonged to, but I’m pretty sure it belonged to my grandmother or my great-grandmother even. I love old stuff with a story to it. If there isn’t a story I simply make one up. Who knows, perhaps the ring box  was gifted to a young fresh-faced pretty girl by her beau. Maybe it was gifted to a new bride by her fond mother, to keep her jewellery in. Or perhaps it was the gift of a doting father to his little daughter. Maybe the little daughter kept her childish treasures in it, and locked it up and wore the key around her neck. Maybe the young bride kept her precious wedding ring in the box for safekeeping. Perhaps the young girl held the box tightly in her hands, showered it with kisses and thought of her beau. Perhaps she kept his love-notes in it. Maybe, just maybe, I knew the girl, the bride, the daughter. Oh so many possibilities. So many stories. SO much love.

The box is a little run-down though. The lock is broken, it’s off its hinges, it’s tarnished and the velvet lining has come off. But it went with my theme and it had so many memories attached it it. (Both pretend and real). Mum and Dad have been all over the city, to find a goldsmith who could polish it up for us. But alas, nobody is willing to polish German silver. We couldn’t find anybody who could fix the cover or the velvet lining either. In short, in spite of all our efforts, the ring box wasn’t quite up to the mark.

After weeks of stressing over it, I dropped the idea of a ring box altogether. It was too late to order a new one online that fit the theme. Neither did I have much time to actually go to the shops.  But don’t worry, this is a happy story. I did find a solution. Mum must’ve casually mentioned our ring box troubles to my cousin, and consequently, I woke up to find close to 10 pictures of different types of pretty boxes on my whatsapp chats. One of them was THE PERFECT RING BOX. I knew it the very moment the picture loaded on my phone. I might go so far as to say that it was Love at first sight. It’s heart-shaped (duh!), made of ivory-coloured ceramic, with a bunch of pink and white peony-type flowers on it. It fits in with my vintage theme. It’s the perfect size too. And best of all – Sid loved it just as much as me.

Sometimes things just fall in place. All by themselves. When you really really want something, the universe does seem to conspire in getting it for you! I love when this sort of thing happens. I love being Serendipity’s favourite child. (Touchwood). After all, serendipity was how me and Sid first met! Isn’t it fitting? 🙂


Ms. Sassy

PS: In just 4 more days I’ll be formally affianced. Betrothed. Spoken for. Ooooh! I have a bad case of the jitters.

PPS: So I’m sending across loads of love and luck and pixie dust to you Reader Dear. I’m so so happy that I want to pass some on to you ❤

14 thoughts on “Love, Luck and Ring boxes

  1. Would love to see a pic of the old box. To be honest, to this reader who also loves things old with a story attached to it, the box sounds perfect just the way it is. However, the new box sounds beautiful! Question: What makes German silver different to polish? Truly interested in the difference. Congrats! I’m excited for you both, and can’t wait to hear about the special day!


    1. Yes! Let me take a good one and put it up! So sweet of you, and I wish everybody thought that way..
      I have no idea what’s up with German silver. I think it’s an alloy with less silver and more of other metals. It’s not very valuable. Perhaps that’s why these bigger jewelry chains do not want to be bothered with it. 😾


    1. Awwwww so sweet of youu! 🙂 The engagement was perfect Cheeky 🙂 I’m soo happy. I have already written a post. But unfortunately nobody’s giving me any good pictures 😦 My photographer’s mom-in-law is in hospital. So I hope she recovers and I get the pics soon!

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