I am a Muggle. Nothing odd ever happened with me. Unless you count the time I predicted my maths mark, (7 out of 50. Divination much?). Or the time I thought I put off the light while still in bed (turns out it was my mum),  or the time my drawing assignment, which was due the next day, was completely done when I woke up the next morning (That was Dad). Or the fact that the queue I join is ALWAYS the slowest (but that apparently happens to everybody). So no. Not a drop of magical blood.

After waiting for 27 years for my Hogwarts acceptance letter, I gave up. And that’s when it happened. Yes I was accepted at Hogwarts. I WAS ACCEPTED AT HOGWARTS. Not as a student (Sigh!), but as the new Muggle Studies Professor.

Here’s an excerpt from the Daily Prophet announcement: (Can you believe it!  I made it to the front page of the DP #Goals)

In an unprecedented move, Hogwarts headmistress, Prof. Wisdom Wittlewattle announced the appointment of Ms. Sassy, a Muggle residing in Bombay, India,  to the post of Muggle Studies Professor. This appointment is a part of the controversial 7-fold Muggle Integration program which aims at Muggle-Wizard co-operation. The Professor will be on campus at Hogwarts for a year, after which a new Muggle Professor  will be appointed.


Prof. Sass

PS: Just a fun daydream, or is it? 😛

21 thoughts on “Owl-post

  1. I am a Harry Potter – related blog, but I have no idea how to get noticed. I try and post everyday about the stuff I love, but nobody seems to read them. Do you have any advice on how I can get big?

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    1. I love the name, both Luna and a goblet of geekiness. You just earned another follower! I am not a seasoned blogger either – yet to really make a mark, but I find that the best way is to a) Write lots and regularly b) Partcipate in challenges by other bloggers c) Interact with other bloggers through comments/likes. Try going through all the recent posts on your feed d) Interact with bloggers on your own site too.
      e) Use tags to improve your visibility. You could google SEO.
      Now, if only I’d follow these sound bits of advice myself!
      Anyway good luck to you 🙂
      Also, I’m glad you are a Hufflepuff, I think loyalty is a great quality!

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      1. OOHH! Okay, I think I remember those. 🙂 I’m going to pick … Ravenclaw, because my husband used to call me Falcon, and I love having really long nails. 🙂 I hope that’s a good one!

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