5 Interesting facts !

I’ve caught a bug – The Writer’s Bug. It’s not usually fatal, but it is horribly uncomfortable. Symptoms include sitting in front of the laptop for long hours accompanied by a continuous clattering keyboard sound. Unfortunately the disease worsens when compounded with The Writer’s Block. The victim experiences severe discomfort and red eyesΒ  (due to sitting in front of the laptop and not being able to type a single word). They may also experience sudden flutters of the heart, when a bright idea strikes but goes away before they can grasp hold.

I have, unfortunately, contracted both bugs. Rich dark chocolate is the only cure. (Well, if it can fight dementor-induced depression, it surely can kill a writer’s block), but I’m fresh out of chocolate. So I thought I could just do an award challenge today. I’m going to answer vsomethingspeaks’s question! And since the Writer’s bug is making me lazy, I won’t be nominating other bloggers, but I’ll leave you readers to answer my question!

vsomethingspeaks is a super-fun blogger. She’s an animal enthusiast, witch and vampire specialist and GET THIS – She holds a PhD in witchcraft. (I have always been fascinated with witchcraft. It seems so women-oriented. Plus I love black kitties).

vsomethingspeaks’s task for me is – Share 5 interesting and new facts about yourself. So here goes –

  1. Of late I’ve gotten myself addicted to sushi. I keep thinking of sushi ALL THE TIME.
  2. I’ve recently turned mother to a new kitten. She’s a wee little thing, barely a few days old, wee eyes still shut! I hope she makes it! I’m babysitting her through the night and my neighbour is doing the day shift.
  3. I’m getting a tattoo! This is my very first tattoo and I’m excited. Yet to come up with a design though.
  4. At the moment I’m extremely hungry. Got to take a lunch break
  5. If not for the 5th fact, I’d be having my lunch now 😦 . Well the 5th fact is – I had a dream in which I ate a Toblerone bar. And guess what, my colleague just got us one. My dreams are prophetic! *shivers*

So Reader Dear go on then – If you were stranded on an uninhabited island, and you were stuck there forever, name one object and one person you’d want with you? Comment away Reader Dear. Let the keyboard clatter!


Ms. Sassy

PS: Now let me attack my Tobler in peace. πŸ˜€



19 thoughts on “5 Interesting facts !

  1. i’d take my husband with me because I enjoy his company the most out of anybody’s. An object I would take with me would probably be a box of matches because you always need matches. Ha! I enjoyed your little post, you’ve got me hungry for sushi now!

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  2. Good luck with your little kitty! I’ve fostered a few brand new babies in my time- are you bottle feeding? As far as desert islands go I choose chocolate cake…Er, wait…was I suppose to choose a person?

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  3. I’d take my partner and a knife. My partner is great when we go camping and a knife might be useful.
    Great that you are getting a tattoo. I love them! And I love little kitties too πŸ™‚

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  4. Havent had sushi ever! Love chocolate tho even thinking about it is fattening πŸ˜› On an island would take along my lappy (with wifi) and Dahlia – nothing would come in between my writing and reading πŸ˜‰

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