Wedding limerick – from the bride herself

When MindAnd LifeMatters came up with this week’s prompt – “Wedding”, I couldn’t think of a thing. Which is silly because I’m about to get married. And then I thought of my own wedding prep, and suddenly I came up with two. Here they are –

I am a stressed-out bride myself, soon-to-be
Planning a wedding is not an easy lark, you see.
There are decisions galore
Always a pending chore
But a kiss from the groom and I’m back to being happyyyy!

And here’s another,

“You’re a control freak” said the bridesmaid to the bride
I’m in charge of the bachelorette and I get to decide.”
“I understand your plight,
Β  but the bride’s always right.
Β  So before you decide”, said the bride, “in me you must confide.”

My best friend (and bridesmaid) is not currently on talking terms with me. Sigh 😦


Ms. Sassy

15 thoughts on “Wedding limerick – from the bride herself

  1. Here’s one that might work:

    There once was a bride called Ms. Sassy,
    Who with her bridesmaid planned a wedding most classy,
    When bride and groom walked down the aisle,
    Every wedding guest did smile,
    A great success created by the best friend of Ms. Sassy! πŸ™‚

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  2. First of all, a hugggeeee CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding!

    Secondly, I am sure your best friend will come around soon….after all, every bride deserves to become the bridezilla during wedding preparations!


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