Who me?

This blog started as a chronicle of my grandma’s old cookbook. Inspired by the movie Julie and Julia, and a desire to hold on to all my dear grandmother’s recipes, I decided to cook each recipe and post my experiences on this blog.
And then I realised I had other things to talk about too. I wanted to talk of shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings. So I diversified; I added a few new sections and gave my blog a new name.

Things I’d like you to know about me:
1. I am an ailurophile. (Meet MinMin – my furbaby – he’s in the picture with me)
2. I am a die-hard wodehousian and a potterhead and a general bookworm.
3. My favourite colour fluctuates between sea-green, purple and rose pink.
4. I love butter, caramel and vanilla.
5. Also love rainbows, stars, trees, wildflowers and all fauna (almost).
6. I am finicky – almost borderline OCD.
7. Perhaps a little mad, but then, to quote the Chesire cat “We are all mad here!”


~ Ms. Sassy

40 thoughts on “Who me?

    1. OMG! Holly Gollightly ! :0 I am beyond flattered! Who would not love to compared to HG or Cher or Elle. But let’s be HG together. We both are cheeky/sassy fancypants, arent we? 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind words. Made my day! ❤
      I loved reading your answers to the questions too. There's so much that I connect with there.


  1. That type of mad I can deal with, that mad I can be friends with. My grandmother had some brilliant recipes and if I had her cookbook I would try and cook everything. So just by that I love this blog, you diversifying yourself is just simply an added bonus!

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  2. The gnomes and I thank you for following Roamin’ Gnomials. Nice blog you have here, I’ve already found one recipe I want to try … if I can find all the ingredients!


  3. Hi !
    I’m so glad you stumbled upon my blog , had to come right away and “spy” on you 😉
    Thank you for following me , now you are a “Turtlie” and I’ll be a little “sassier” (I hope) 🙂
    Turtle Hugs


    1. Haha.. It is such a lovely magical colour right? Oooh I somehow thought Picasso called yellow the happiest colour. Anyway I should be a little open minded towards orange haha! Thanks, he was a very handsome cat.. 🙂


  4. So glad you found me. Just read all about you and I’m getting married in June! My fave book ever is ‘Alice in Wonder land’ . , I am a book worm too. I love vanilla – my fave scent and flavour ice cream. never heard of the term ailurophile. but after gogling the word. I love cats. My baby well – she is now is Miss Tatiana- she is a bold and brash Bengal with a sassy attitude to match. How can I not follow someone who has the same likes as me? 🙂


    1. Omg! Have I found a soul sister! Congratulations on your nuptials! I hope we get to read about it all.. I love the name Tatiana.. it means Angel in Russian doesn’t it? Cats do look angelic ! And looks of course deceive 😹 .. say meow to miss Tatiana from me!


  5. Love Wodehouse and Potter books (apart from books in general). Quite obsessed with trees – my family thinks i am mad because all i do on trips are click photos of trees – need I say more? Happy to have met you 🙂

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