Guest Post – What I’d want to see if I could visit India!

Reader Dear, I’d like you to meet somebody special today – Glenn of Roamin’ Gnomials. Bonus: You can ask him anything you like about gnomes. And magic. (Psst. He even has a mermaid friend.) Glenn is a retired newspaper editor, settled in NJ, USA and has very graciously agreed to do a post for me. … More Guest Post – What I’d want to see if I could visit India!

Neverland by car!

When you fall in love with a car not because of it’s fuel efficiency, or horsepower or any of its umpteen hi-tech features, but because it leaves your fiance’s hand free to hold yours (as opposed to constantly shifting gears in a manual transmission) , that’s when you know you’re not quite grown-up yet. Neverland … More Neverland by car!

5 Interesting facts !

I’ve caught a bug – The Writer’s Bug. It’s not usually fatal, but it is horribly uncomfortable. Symptoms include sitting in front of the laptop for long hours accompanied by a continuous clattering keyboard sound. Unfortunately the disease worsens when compounded with The Writer’s Block. The victim experiences severe discomfort and red eyes  (due to … More 5 Interesting facts !


I am a Muggle. Nothing odd ever happened with me. Unless you count the time I predicted my maths mark, (7 out of 50. Divination much?). Or the time I thought I put off the light while still in bed (turns out it was my mum),  or the time my drawing assignment, which was due … More Owl-post