5 Interesting facts !

I’ve caught a bug – The Writer’s Bug. It’s not usually fatal, but it is horribly uncomfortable. Symptoms include sitting in front of the laptop for long hours accompanied by a continuous clattering keyboard sound. Unfortunately the disease worsens when compounded with The Writer’s Block. The victim experiences severe discomfort and red eyes  (due to … More 5 Interesting facts !

My Blogger Recognition Award

I’m on a roll you guys. I have just received a ‘Blogger Recognition award’, bringing my tally up to three! Woohoo!
A million thanks to this lovely lady, Wandering Soul Go wander a bit with her, my fellow bloggers! An interesting tidbit about her – She learnt to put her foot in her mouth at an age of 3 months and has now mastered the art.So she says in her blog. She’s super fun and a treat to read!
Now for the rules! … More My Blogger Recognition Award