5 Interesting facts !

I’ve caught a bug – The Writer’s Bug. It’s not usually fatal, but it is horribly uncomfortable. Symptoms include sitting in front of the laptop for long hours accompanied by a continuous clattering keyboard sound. Unfortunately the disease worsens when compounded with The Writer’s Block. The victim experiences severe discomfort and red eyes  (due to … More 5 Interesting facts !

Resolutions – 2016

Last year I made 11 new year resolutions. Clearly I had a lot to improve upon. At the end of the year, I notice that I have accomplished (and I use the term pretty loosely) just two. The success rate is a meagre 18% (if i did the math right. I have long since forgotten school math, and have degenerated into the type who wouldn’t know a numerator from a denominator, if it danced in front of them naked.) … More Resolutions – 2016

Spring cleaning

When the poor brain feels like it’s filled choc-a-bloc with thoughts and to-do’s and cobwebs and dust-bunnies, it’s time for some spring cleaning (or in my case winter cleaning). How I wish I had a pensieve like Dumbledore or at least an archival mechanism like MS Outlook.

Not being a witch or an email program, all I can do to organize the brain is to make a list. (Yay, my favourite)

So here’s a to-do list for the week month (Well let’s be realistic, as mentioned above, I’m no Hermione) … More Spring cleaning